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31.08.2012 40 GW CHP Would Save $10bn a Year, Report Finds – But Barriers Remain
Achieving 40 GW of new combined heat and power by 2020 would save energy users $10 billion a year compared to current energy use and reduce emissions by 150 million metric tons of CO2 annually, according to a report by the Department of Energy and EPA.
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30.08.2012 Standards & Compliance Briefing: ISO 14062 Life Cycle Assessment, PAS 2050, ISO 50001, LEED
Here’s the latest standards and compliance news affecting corporate environmental and energy executives. Today’s briefing includes eight items.
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30.08.2012 Rockefeller Group, McGraw-Hill Implement Demand Response
Rockefeller Group Development Corporation and Alcoa are among the companies that have implemented demand response initiatives, reducing their energy usage and reaping financial benefits, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.
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29.08.2012 SenseLogix secures £1m investment through North West Fund
UK-based energy management company SenseLogix has secured finance worth £1m through The North West Fund for Energy and Environment, which is managed by CT Investment Partners.
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28.08.2012 Drive Data Center Energy Efficiency with Focus on Core IT Systems
Data center energy efficiency emerged as a serious issue five years ago this August when the US EPA issued a report that highlighted the dramatic growth of the industry – and its rising power demands – to support society’s information demands. The report estimated data center energy consumption had doubled in the years from 2000 – 2006, raising concerns about greenhouse gases and rising energy costs for business and government.
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28.08.2012 General Motors installs efficient lighting system at factory
The US-based Light Corporation has completed installation of an efficient lighting system at a General Motors’ (GM) facility, expected to save the automotive giant more than $12m.
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27.08.2012 Molson Coors Sustainability Report: 2020 Water, Energy and Emissions Targets Set
Brewer Molson Coors has set 2020 targets for reducing its water intensity by 20 percent, its energy intensity by 25 percent and carbon emissions intensity by 15 percent over last year’s levels, in its 2011 corporate sustainability report.
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24.08.2012 Intel, KT Test Energy-Efficient Data Center Technology
Intel has partnered with South Korean telecom company KT Corporation to develop energy-efficient technology to reduce power consumption at data centers, according to news reports.
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23.08.2012 Houweling’s Installs 10.6 MW CHP, Capturing Carbon for Fertilizer
Houweling’s Tomatoes has installed a GE combined heat and power greenhouse project that captures CO2 for use in plant fertilization.
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23.08.2012 Cargill Sustainability Report: 4.9% Drop in GHG Intensity Over 2 Years
Agricultural firm Cargill improved its greenhouse gas intensity by 4.9 percent during fiscal 2011 and 2012, according to the company’s 2012 corporate responsibility report.
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22.08.2012 Green for Growth Fund supplies €7m for Serbian efficiency upgrades
The Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe (GGF) has lent Belgrade-based Banca Intesa €7m to expand lending for energy efficiency projects in Serbia.
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22.08.2012 SunSi Energies acquires equity control of TransPacific Energy
US renewable energy project developer SunSi Energies has purchased a controlling 51 per cent stake in TransPacific Energy (TPE), for an undisclosed price.
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22.08.2012 Draker, Solar Power Technologies merge, get $8m from Austin Ventures
US-based companies Solar Power Technologies and Draker have merged and closed an $8m equity raise led by Austin Ventures.
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21.08.2012 PNC to Open Net-Zero Energy Bank in 2013
PNC Bank will open a net-zero energy branch in the first quarter of 2013, the company said.
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21.08.2012 Osram Sylvania Cuts GHGs 20% Over Five Years
Lighting company Osram Sylvania has reduced its corporate absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent over the past five years, the company said.
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21.08.2012 Huaneng Power issues $786m of new debentures
Chinese energy supplier Huaneng Power International has issued RMB5bn ($786m) of super short-term debentures, as part of its RMB20bn ($3.1bn) programme.
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17.08.2012 US project combining carbon capture and biofuel production moves to next phase
A US Department of Energy project that aims to use captured CO2 from flue gas to produce algal biofuels is moving to its next phase.
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17.08.2012 UK government examines potential of low carbon technologies
The UK government yesterday published an analysis of the potential of three key low-carbon technologies to bring economic benefits to the country.
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17.08.2012 New York governor earmarks $107 million for solar power projects
New York’s Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has earmarked $107 million for large solar photovoltaic installations in the city and across the state under the NY-Sun initiative.
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16.08.2012 Micropower Council calls for end to “distorted” UK heating market
The Micropower Council yesterday led a call to the government to end to the “distorted” UK renewable heating market.
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