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Americans switch to energy efficient technologies
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Americans used less energy in 2011 thanks to a switch to more energy efficient technologies and wider use of renewables, according to a study by a US research lab.


According to the 'energy flow charts' drawn up by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the decrease was mainly driven by more efficient use of energy for transport and in the home.

The figures show that overall energy use in the US in 2011 was 97.3 quads - down from the 98 quads used in 2010.

Most of the usage is associated with fossil fuels, but while coal and oil use fell in 2011, gas use increased.

Low natural gas prices have driven the change, says A. J. Simon of the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration. While high oil prices are to thank for Americans driving less and reducing emissions from the transport sector.

Meanwhile, the analysis also reports a big jump in wind power from 0.92 quadrillion BTU - or British Thermal Unit of energy - or quads in 2010 to 1.17 quads in 2011. High rainfall also drove an increase in hydroelectricity from 2.51 quads in 2010 to 3.17 quads in 2011.



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