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23.12.2009 Taiwan unveils Asia's biggest solar plant: govt
TAIPEI (AFP) – Taiwan has unveiled what it calls Asia's biggest solar power plant as the island, which imports almost all its energy, seeks to tap into clean renewable resources, the government said Wednesday.
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18.12.2009 UE a aprobat intrarea R. Moldova şi Ucrainei în Comunitatea Energetică
Uniunea Europeană a aprobat vineri intrarea Ucrainei şi Republicii Moldova în Comunitatea Energetică, dar ea nu va fi efectivă decât după ce aceste ţări îşi vor amenda legislaţiile referitoare la gaz pentru a le armoniza cu reglementările europene, relatează AFP.
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16.12.2009 First Solar sales forecasts tops Wall St view
LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK (Reuters) - First Solar Inc forecast on Wednesday higher-than-expected 2010 sales and said it plans to boost solar module production capacity in Malaysia, sending its shares up 3.3 percent.
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02.12.2009 UN halts funds to China wind farms
The United Nations body in charge of managing carbon trading has suspended approvals for dozens of Chinese wind farms amid questions over the country's use of industrial policy to obtain money under the scheme.
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01.12.2009 UK Government should improve feed-in tariff scheme, say green groups
Environmental group Friends of the Earth says that small-scale renewables could meet 6% of the UK’s electricity needs if the Government ups the ambition of its feed-in scheme.
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01.12.2009 ScottishPower claims breakthrough in carbon capture
ScottishPower claims to have made a breakthrough in reducing the amount of energy required to separate carbon emissions at its coal-fired Longannet Power Station.
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30.11.2009 Utilities Unite To Offer Energy Saving Incentives
Eleven Michigan utilities have joined together under the Michigan Public Service Commission to form Efficiency United, a consortium introducing energy optimization programs and incentives to their subscribers. The utilities include Alpena Power, Bayfield Electric Cooperative, Daggett Electric Department, Edison Sault Electric Company, Indiana Michigan Power, Xcel Energy, Upper Peninsula Power Company, WE Energies, Wisconsin Public Service Corp., Michigan Gas Utilities, and SEMCO Energy Gas Company.
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30.11.2009 Mac mini Tops Sust-It’s Energy-Efficiency Charts
By announcing the “Green my Apple" campaign earlier this year, Apple responded to accusations brought by Greenpeace that the company still wasn’t meeting standards imposed by the organization. As an answer, the Mac maker not only introduced its new initiative, but also launched greener products, including a less power-hungry Mac mini.
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30.11.2009 Building an easy answer to climate change
Buildings last for decades, so increasing their green credentials can have a long-term impact on our energy consumption
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26.11.2009 China says will boost energy efficiency drastically by 2020 to help fight global warming
BEIJING - China announced plans Thursday to sharply boost its energy efficiency by slowing the growth of carbon emissions as part of its contribution to the fight against global warming.
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23.11.2009 New York makes renewables and energy efficiency accessible
New York State last week passed legislation to make loans available for households and businesses that want to improve their energy efficiency.
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23.11.2009 Energy Efficiency plus Renewable Energy Better Choices than More Nuclear Power
While it may be Chernobyl Zombie Season in Washington, D.C., there is some question on the Left Coast as to the sanity in touting greater investment in nuclear power. And, when they start questioning your sanity in la-la land, well, let’s just say this is NAGS (Not A Good Sign), apocalyptically speaking.
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19.11.2009 Queen’s speech outlines next steps towards UK’s low-carbon economy
The Queen’s speech yesterday outlined the UK Government’s next steps towards a low-carbon economy.
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19.11.2009 California switches on new efficiency standards for TV
The California Energy Commission yesterday officially approved proposals to introduce the country’s most stringent energy efficiency standards for TVs.
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18.11.2009 Public buildings in Europe will lead the way in energy efficiency
The European Commission, European Parliament and European Council talks in Brussels yesterday have ruled that public buildings will lead the way in improving the energy efficiency of buildings in the region.
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18.11.2009 US and China pledge to make progress on climate change in Copenhagen
Yesterday US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao pledged to try and make real progress on climate change at next month’s meeting in Copenhagen.
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17.11.2009 EU gears up to revise energy standards for buildings and appliances
The European Commission, European Parliament and European Council are meeting later today to discuss revising directives on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD) and energy labelling for home appliances.
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10.11.2009 UK Government unveils plans to transform country’s energy mix
Yesterday Energy and Climate Secretary Ed Miliband unveiled the Government’s long-awaited National Policy Statements (NPSs), which promise an expansion of renewables, nuclear power and clean coal technology.
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09.11.2009 SEE Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency 2009
7th-8th December 2009, Rin Grand Hotel, Bucharest, Romania
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05.11.2009 Funding boost for energy efficiency in US
The latest allocation of funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are aimed at providing a boost to energy efficiency efforts across the country.
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