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28.09.2012 Scotland on track to meet 2020 renewable targets
The Scottish government said it is on track to meet its 2020 energy targets after a positive first half of 2012.
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28.09.2012 UK city aims to become energy self-sufficient by 2020
The UK city of Peterborough is working towards being energy self-sufficient by 2020.
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28.09.2012 UK likely to invest in more gas-fired power plants
UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey has hinted it is likely the UK will invest in gas-fired power stations in the coming months, ahead of his new energy strategy announcement this autumn.
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27.09.2012 Waitrose stocks up on woodchip to power and heat store
UK Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker opened a new woodchip-fuelled energy centre at supermarket retailer Waitrose’s Bracknell store in the south of England this week.
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26.09.2012 Lib Dems and Labour back binding decarbonisation target
The Liberal Democrats have been defending their green credentials in the UK Coalition Government this week, with Energy Secretary Ed Davey backing a binding decarbonisation target for the power sector.
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26.09.2012 EP&T Global to help BBC switch over to energy savings
Australian environmental management company EP&T Global has been selected by the BBC to help it reduce energy use at its new broadcasting centre in Salford.
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25.09.2012 Wind drives energy link between Ireland and Britain
A new undersea cable linking Ireland and Britain was opened last week that will enable the UK to benefit from Ireland’s wind resources.
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25.09.2012 Europe leads the world in solar panel installations
Two-thirds of worldwide solar panels installations in 2011 were in Europe totalling 18.5 GW, according to a report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.
Views: 697
24.09.2012 UK government pledges “better deal” for energy customers
UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey has unveiled a raft of measures aimed at ensuring a “better deal” for energy customers.
Views: 624
24.09.2012 UK’s onshore wind capacity hits 5 GW milestone
The completion of a 28.6 MW wind farm in the Scottish Borders has taken the UK’s installed onshore capacity to a record 5 GW.
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24.09.2012 EL Accepts Submissions for Environmental & Energy Tech Reviews; Judges Come from GSK, HP, Legrand, PepsiCo & More
Environmental Leader has launched the Environmental Leader Technology Reviews, a program that recognizes excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits. The Environmental Leader Technology Reviews is a five-star rating system designed to offer companies feedback and recognition on products that are new or have been updated in 2012.
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21.09.2012 UK government turns up the thermostat on renewable heating
The UK government yesterday unveiled its plans for the next stage of its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme aimed at boosting ‘green’ heating technologies.
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21.09.2012 New £20 million fund to spark UK interest in energy storage
The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is hoping to spark interest in energy storage technologies with a £20 million fund for innovation.
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20.09.2012 Future of nuclear power in Japan still in confusion
Following the announcement earlier in the week that Japan is to phase out nuclear power, the cabinet has failed to endorse a 2040 deadline for the phasing out of the technology.
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20.09.2012 UK government calls for new ideas on onshore wind
Newly appointed UK Energy Minister John Hayes is calling for “fresh thinking” on community engagement with onshore wind development.
Views: 621
19.09.2012 UK government ‘could do better’ on green buildings, says report card
The UK government ‘could do better’ at its efforts to green the country’s built environment, says the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC).
Views: 624
19.09.2012 Shale gas no ‘silver bullet’ for UK but will bring benefits
Exploiting the UK’s shale gas reserves is no ‘silver bullet’ for the country’s future energy security but will bring economic benefits, said the Institution of Mechanical Engineers yesterday.
Views: 607
18.09.2012 Most global consumers want more renewables, says survey
A large majority – 85% – of global consumers want more renewable energy, according to a survey by TNS Gallup for Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas.
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17.09.2012 Corporate renewables purchasing shows small rise in 2011
The share of renewable energy purchased by companies has shown a modest increase from 14% in 2009 to 16% in 2011, according to the Corporate Renewable Energy Index (CREX).
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17.09.2012 China to invest US$39.5 billion in PV during 2011-15
China is expected to invest around CNY250 billion (US$39.5 billion) in domestic solar power generation over a five-year period between 2011 and 2015, according to a development plan released by the National Energy Administration as cited by the China Daily.
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