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27.07.2012 ‘Greening’ your home adds value, finds Californian study
A home with a 'green' label can command a premium of 9% over regular one-family homes, according to a Californian study.
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26.07.2012 UK leads 50% boost in European offshore wind capacity
The UK is leading a 50% increase in offshore wind capacity installed in Europe over the past six months compared with the same period last year.
Views: 654
26.07.2012 'Disappointments' in U.K. energy policy
There are "disappointments" in a British policy to cut subsidies for renewable energy programs like wind energy, an executive said.
Views: 605
25.07.2012 Contract Wins: CPS Energy, OCI Solar Power, Cypress Envirosystems, Qualcomm and Renault
CPS Energy and OCI Solar Power have inked a 25-year power purchase agreement and economic development contract to bring 400 MW of solar power to the San Antonio, Texas, area. The 400 MW San Antonio project is the largest in the nation among municipal utilities and will move Texas into the top five solar-producing states, the companies said. The facility should provide enough electricity for nearly 70,000 local households.
Views: 702
25.07.2012 Procter & Gamble, EPA to Develop Sustainable Manufacturing Tool
Procter & Gamble and the EPA are embarking on a five-year research collaboration to develop a sustainability tool for modeling and assessing product design, material sourcing, and manufacturing options.
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23.07.2012 Global CO2 Emissions Jumped 3% in 2011
Global emissions of carbon dioxide increased by three percent last year, reaching an all-time high of 34 billion metric tons in 2011, according to a report by The European Commission Joint Research Centre and PBL, the Netherlands’ environmental assessment agency.
Views: 669
23.07.2012 McPhy Energy to build world’s largest hydrogen storage facility
French hydrogen storage developer McPhy Energy has launched a €23.9m research, development and demonstration project in Italy.
Views: 820
23.07.2012 Leaf Clean Energy Company commits $5m to green materials company Lehigh Technologies
Investment firm Leaf Clean Energy Company has committed $5m to Lehigh Technologies, a green materials company specialising in energy saving micronised rubber powders.
Views: 739
23.07.2012 Alberta Enterprise makes $10m investment into 32 Degrees Energy Technology Fund
Alberta Enterprise Corporation has made a $10m to 32 Degrees Energy Technology Fund, a Calgary-based venture capital fund that invests in early to later stage Canadian energy technology companies.
Views: 702
19.07.2012 UK licences first permanent CO2 storage site in North Sea
The Crown Estate, which manages the UK’s coastal waters, this week licensed the first site in the seabed of the North Sea for permanent storage of CO2.
Views: 676
18.07.2012 Scottish emissions up 3% in 2010, but trend still downwards
Scottish greenhouse gas emissions were up 3.1% in 2010 on the previous year, but still show an overall downward reduction of 22.8% on 1990 levels.
Views: 632
16.07.2012 UK government’s £9 billion rail investment promises efficiency savings
In the “biggest expansion in railways in over 150 years”, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today outlined a £9.4 billion investment in network upgrades.
Views: 737
13.07.2012 Solar energy could meet one-sixth of heating and cooling needs, says IEA
Solar energy technologies could meet one-sixth of world’s heating and cooling needs, according a report out earlier this week from the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Views: 646
12.07.2012 EC approves UK carbon emissions trading platform
The European Commission has approved the UK’s national auction platform signalling the go ahead for the trading of emission allowances – including from aviation – under the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS).
Views: 643
11.07.2012 Japan sets sights on a $628 billion green energy market
Japan is planning to create a 50 trillion yen ($628 billion) green energy market by 2020, according to a Reuters’ report.
Views: 632
09.07.2012 Global renewable power generation to grow 40%, says IEA
Renewable power generation around the world will grow by more than 40% over the next five years, according to a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Views: 685
09.07.2012 UK government looks for advice on helping independent generators
The UK government last week launched an appeal for advice on how to address the barriers facing small independent renewable generators looking to join the country’s energy market.
Views: 812
09.07.2012 UK government’s ‘green’ ICT strategy saves £1.3 million
Adopting greener ICT practices and principles such as improving the energy efficiency of data centres has saved the UK government an estimated £1.26 million in costs over the 12 months to March.
Views: 2194
06.07.2012 Supermarkets’ Energy-Savings Potential Can Be Sustained ‘Up to 10 Years’
Supermarkets are able to continually improve their energy efficiency for much longer than is commonly believed, according to UK researchers.
Views: 4230
06.07.2012 Green or growth is a false choice, says CBI
The ‘choice’ between going green or boosting economic growth is a false one, director-general of the CBI John Cridland said yesterday.
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