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29.06.2012 SolarCity completes PV arrays in San José
US solar company SolarCity has completed several photovoltaic (PV) installations as part of a project that will see 16 new arrays added to public buildings in San José, California.
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29.06.2012 First Solar appoints Georges Antoun as COO
US company First Solar has appointed as Georges Antoun as chief operating officer with responsibility for manufacturing, research and development, quality and product management.
Views: 689
29.06.2012 Nordex wins turbine order from Finnish wealth management company Taaleritehdas
Nordex has signed a framework contract with Finnish wealth management company Taaleritehdas for the delivery and installation of up to 111 2.5MW multi-megawatt turbines.
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27.06.2012 EIA Outlook: US Energy Use to Slow While Crude Production Rises
Energy consumption in the United States is expected to increase 0.3 percent a year between 2010 and 2035, a slower rate of growth than the two decades prior to the 2008 recession, while domestic oil production is forecast to rise, according to a recent government forecast.
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27.06.2012 Energy efficiency and microgeneration gets £8 million boost in South West
A new £8 million initiative was launched last week to give a boost to energy efficiency and microgeneration efforts in the South West of England.
Views: 1222
27.06.2012 US centres to train building operators to be efficient
The US Departments of Energy (DOE) and Commerce (DOC) are joining forces to fund three centres to train building operators how to optimise building efficiency, saving energy and money.
Views: 632
27.06.2012 eBay bids to run data centre on Bloom Energy’s fuel cells
eBay has announced plans to power the next phase of its flagship new data centre in Utah with Bloom Energy’s renewable energy fuel cells.
Views: 755
25.06.2012 Keeping The Lights On with Demand-Response and Energy Efficiency Programs
Consumers of electricity have long used energy efficiency and demand-response measures to conserve energy in California and the Northwest. Historically, consumers have reduced their energy use to save energy when faced with power outages, or to save money during hard economic times. The problem is that economic recessions, power outages and the need for new conservation are unpredictable.
Views: 714
25.06.2012 Vestas scraps plans for UK wind turbine plant in Kent
Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas has scrapped plans to build an offshore turbine factory in Sheerness, Kent in southeast England, which would have produced its new V164-7.0 MW turbine.
Views: 717
25.06.2012 UK community solar farm offer opens for business
From today, individuals will have the opportunity to buy a share in the Westmill Solar Cooperative, which could become the UK’s largest community-owned solar farm.
Views: 600
25.06.2012 Scotland launches marine energy action plan
Scotland launched its latest marine energy action plan late last week, which outlines the next steps to improved finance, grid connection and a developing supply chain.
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25.06.2012 Rio+20 a failure say green group despite 100 actions on sustainable energy
Despite securing more than 100 commitments and actions on sustainable energy, Rio+20 has been dubbed a failure by environmental groups.
Views: 642
22.06.2012 ClimateWorks pledges $15m to UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative
The ClimateWorks Foundation has committed up to $15m over the next three years to help India, China, Brazil and Mexico double their rate of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy portfolios by 2030.
Views: 647
22.06.2012 Vestas abandons plans for UK offshore turbine factory
Danish wind energy company Vestas has abandoned plans to build an offshore turbine manufacturing plant in Sheerness, South East England.
Views: 692
22.06.2012 First Solar gets go-ahead to continue build of 230MW PV plant
US photovoltaic (PV) company First Solar has reached an agreement with the Los Angeles County of Public Works to continue with installation of a 230MW plant.
Views: 651
20.06.2012 AT&T Sustainability Report: Energy Intensity Drops 17% in One Year
AT&T reduced the energy intensity of data carried on its network by 17 percent from 2010 to 2011, according to the communications giant’s 2011 sustainability report.
Views: 696
20.06.2012 Ocean Power Technologies takes next step in wave power technology
US marine energy company Ocean Power Technologies has taken a step forward in the development of its next generation wave power device.
Views: 637
20.06.2012 UN launches sustainable cities initiative
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is launching a new initiative to promote efficient use of energy, water and other resources in the world’s cities as Rio+20 gets underway in Brazil.
Views: 597
19.06.2012 Principle Power and partners float Portugal’s first offshore wind turbine
US wind developer Principle Power and partners Energias de Portugal (EDP), Repsol, A. Silva Matos (ASM), Vestas and InovCapital have inaugurated Portugal’s first offshore wind turbine.
Views: 762
19.06.2012 First Utility and Opower launch my:energy efficiency service
Independent UK energy supplier First Utility is today launching my:energy, its home energy efficiency and management service.
Views: 1379
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