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15.10.2012 US’ Intetek adds efficiency testing to service
US industrial support business Interek has added energy efficiency to its portfolio of services.
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15.10.2012 UK’s Ombu Group invests further £5m in energy management group Open Energi
UK investment firm Ombu Group has committed a further £5m ($8m) into energy management company Open Energi to aid its national and international expansion.
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12.10.2012 UK waters hold potential for 118 GW of wave and tidal capacity
A new study out yesterday by The Crown Estate, which manages the UK’s coastal waters, calculates that the seas around the UK hold the potential for up to 118 GW of wave and tidal power.
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12.10.2012 US hikes duties on Chinese solar panels
In the latest move in the trade battle that the US is waging with Chinese over imports of cheap solar panels, import levies of up to 250% have been slapped onto solar energy products from the country.
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11.10.2012 Australia switches on first large-scale solar project
The sun is finally shining on Australia’s nascent renewables sector with the switching on of its first large-scale photovoltaic solar development.
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11.10.2012 UK Energy Minister gives Scottish low-carbon efforts a boost
On a visit to Edinburgh yesterday, UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey announced a triple boost for regional activities on renewables, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and energy bill savings.
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10.10.2012 10,000 MW of Renewable Energy on Public Lands Has Been Approved by Obama Administration
The Department of Interior has just approved a proposed 3 gigawatt wind power project in Wyoming, and with it passed the Obama administration goal of 10,000 megawatt of renewable energy authorized on public lands.
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10.10.2012 SolarCity Files for IPO, Aims to Raise About $200 Million to Expand Internationally
SolarCity, the largest solar panel installer in the U.S., has filed papers with the SEC for an almost $200 million initial public offering (IPO). The amount of the IPO could still change, but it will probably be in the 200m ballpark. SolarCity plans to list on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol SCTY.
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09.10.2012 Birmingham appoints Carillion Energy to deliver Green Deal
Birmingham City Council, which was chosen as one of seven cities in England to kick start the government’s Green Deal, has appointed Carillion Energy to deliver the scheme.
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09.10.2012 European climate campaign launches in the UK
UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey launched the European Union’s ‘A world you like. With a climate you like’ campaign yesterday in London.
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08.10.2012 Terra Firma partners with China Development Bank for $5bn energy fund
Private equity group Terra Firma is expected to announce plans of a $3bn to $5bn energy infrastructure fund launched in partnership with the China Development Bank (CDB) at its annual investors meeting this week.
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08.10.2012 Finland to phase out coal from energy production by 2025
Finland may phase out the use of coal in energy production by 2025, its Economy Minister has said.
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05.10.2012 National Grid and E.ON join forces to create efficient power station
UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey is hailing National Grid and E.ON’s efforts to create one of the most efficient power stations in the world in Kent in the southeast of England.
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05.10.2012 Europe officially adopts energy efficiency targets
The European Union’s new energy efficiency directive, which sets out measures to realise a 20% improvement in energy efficiency across the region by 2020, was officially adopted by member states yesterday.
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04.10.2012 Norstec network blows new life into North Sea wind power
Over forty organisations including manufacturers, developers, supply chain firms and research institutions are joining forces to exploit the “extraordinary” economic and investment opportunities offered by wind power in Europe’s northern seas.
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02.10.2012 UK government’s Green Deal officially gets off the ground
The UK government’s flagship Green Deal scheme to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes officially launched yesterday.
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01.10.2012 Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm takes UK capacity to 2.5 GW
The completion of Sheringham Shoal off the north coast of Norfolk has taken the UK’s operational offshore wind energy capacity to over 2.5 GW.
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01.10.2012 UK coal generation up 60% but renewables taking off
Energy generation from coal was up nearly 60% in the UK during the second quarter of the year, according to the latest statistics from the government, which also reveal a 6.5% boost in renewables generation.
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28.09.2012 Scotland on track to meet 2020 renewable targets
The Scottish government said it is on track to meet its 2020 energy targets after a positive first half of 2012.
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28.09.2012 UK city aims to become energy self-sufficient by 2020
The UK city of Peterborough is working towards being energy self-sufficient by 2020.
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